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Mickey Demos Boxing Club is a boutique boxing and fitness facility that provides boxing and fitness classes designed by Mickey Demos, University of Miami boxing coach and architect of the Mickey Demos Fitness Method. Our classes are designed for all fitness levels and incorporate interval training, high intensity cardio, plyometrics, strength training, and real boxing technique, which combined, result in a fast-paced, fun workout that maximizes your body’s potential. We also offer yoga, sparring, private and semi-private personal training, and personalized boxing technique training.

Mickey Demos, Founder
Mickey Demos Jr. is a Miami native who started boxing at the age of eight. Under the tutelage of his father, Dr. Mickey Demos Sr., UM Sports Hall of Fame Boxer and ring physician for the US Olympic Team, Mickey Jr. went on to win seven State Championships and four Junior Olympic medals in boxing. His first job was as a boxing instructor at the age of 15. Mickey also trained as a guest of the US Olympic Training Center and was heavily recruited by the US Air Force boxing team before leaving boxing to pursue his education.


After studying finance at FSU, he then earned a law degree from the University of Miami. Mickey trained fighters throughout his legal career, and left the practice of law ten years ago to pursue his passion for boxing.

Today, Mickey coaches the University of Miami boxing team, where he started the program. He has produced 7 national champions in four years and was also integral to starting the programs at FSU, UF, FIU, and NSU. 


Education and sports have dominated Mickey’s life. He is a home schooling specialist and has spent several years working with world-class racecar driver Nelson Philippe. Mickey has taught in the prison system as well. An avid skydiver with over a thousand jumps, Mickey has written a book on the subject of the psycho-spiritual aspects of extreme sports. He is an accomplished power lifter and his bench press is currently in top .001 percentile in the world for his age and weight.

Mickey’s overriding passion is his ability to relate and connect with people on a deeper level, and the gym business allows him to do so on a daily basis while sharing his passion for boxing.


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